Apple Festival Grand Marshal 

Every year the Apple Festival Committee picks a person who has significantly impacted Bayfield to be the Apple Festival Grand Marshal. The Grand Marshal makes several appearances across the Apple Festival grounds throughout the weekend and has a premium spot in the Apple Festival Parade.  

Below is a list of past Grand Marshals; as you can see, our records are pretty sparse. Please contact the Bayfield Chamber and Visitor Bureau if you know who any of the past Grand Marshals were. If you have a photo of that person, we would love to feature it here! Contact the Public Relations Manager at

2023 Apple Festival Grand Marshals:

Allen and Mary Jo Rabideaux 

Apple Festival Grand Marshals 2023 - Rabideaux

Allen (Bummy) and Mary Jo Rabideaux were born and raised in Bayfield, have owned Rabideaux Orchard for 59 years, and have been married for 63 years.

They both were surprised and extremely happy about being nominated for the 2023 Grand Marshals. Be sure to stop by the orchard and say congratulations and pick up some of Mary Jo's homemade jams!

Thank you to our Royalty Sponsors: Apostle Islands Rustic Makwa Den and Washburn Family Dentistry - David J. Blong DDS

Nominate the 2024 Apple Festival Grand Marshal

We invite you to nominate a person to serve as the Grand Marshal of the Bayfield Apple Festival Grand Parade.

Please fill out the form below by Monday, July 29!

The person(s) (this is not open to organizations, non-profits, volunteer groups, etc.) must live in or have lived in the City of Bayfield, Town of Bayfield, or Town of Russell.

The following criteria should be taken into account when nominating someone for Grand Marshal:

• The person(s) must have a significant connection with (past or present) Bayfield. Number of years living here will be a consideration.

• A person(s) who has donated time and effort to:

A. Accomplishment of community projects.

B. Public service through local, county, state boards.

C. Local organizations, charitable activities and community volunteerism.

• A person(s) who has provided a valuable service to the community through their business and/or profession.

• A person who deserves special recognition for their creativity, initiative, or other superpower.

Nominee Name

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Past Grand Marshals

2022 Grand Marshal

Marilyn Van Sant 2022 Grand Marshal

2021 Grand Marshal

Celia Duquette 2021 Grand Marshal


Canceled Due to Pandemic

2021 Grand Marshal

Tom Polaski 2019 Grand Marshal

2018 Grand Marshals

Shirley Bodin and Shirley Hansen 2018 Grand Marshals


Bill & Claudia Ferraro 2017 Grand Marshal

2017 Grand Marshal

Don Albretcht 2016 Grand Marshal

Apple Festival Grand Marshal

Mary Rice 2015 Grand Marshal

2014 Grand Marshal

Harold Hyde 2014 Grand Marshal

Past Grand Marshals Continued 

Help us fill in the blanks by emailing 

1984: John Torbick


1986: Jack and Shirley Johnson


1988: James and Muriel Erickson

1989: Buck and Gene Franzen


1991:    Mary (Ahnen) Halvorson



1994: Leo Lafernier



1997: Mary Hepner


1999: Charlotte Weber


2001: Ruth Moon

2002: Jerry & Mary Phillips

2003: Harriet & Vermont Johnson

2004: Laurie Nourse

2005: Sharon & John Johnson

2006: Len Erickson & Bill Deragon

2007: Tom & Linda Gordon

2008: Jim Hauser Sr.

2009: James & Muriel Erickson

2010: John & Libby Telford

2011: Julian Nelson

2012: Robert and Jackie Hansen

2013: Gary Connell