Beach Weddings from the Photographer’s Eyes

When most people think of beach weddings, they imagine a beautiful lake, sand between their toes and a quick, simple ceremony. Although all of these statements can be true, there is much more that goes into having your ceremony on a beach, a Lake Superior beach especially! We have spoken with local photographer Jamey Ritter of Bemused Design & Photography to hear her perspective on beach weddings – Enjoy!

Bemused Design & Photography

From a photographer’s standpoint, what are a few great reasons to have a beach wedding?
Beaches don’t need any decoration. The setting itself is gorgeous. Sunshine and a light lake breeze are a great combination May-October on Lake Superior. It also gives you many different options for photos. Trees, the lake, docks, boathouses, are all fair game for couples and wedding party group photos.

What are some obstacles you have seen that come with having a beach wedding?
The sun
Nearly every beach wedding I’ve shot has been in full sun. “Great!” you say. Full sun makes everyone squint, lots of shadows, not to mention a beautiful bride typically in a white dress that is now as easy to look at as it is to stare at the sun. Do your photographer a favor and make a mental note of some shady and beautiful sites nearby.

Sand can be hard to walk on

I’ve had weddings where everyone had to walk 300 yards over sand to get to the ceremony site. Everyone was “glowing” by the end of the hike. Sand also creates mobility issues for older or disabled guests.

Photo Taken by Bemused Design & Photography


Hauling chairs for guests to sit on can be a 1-3 hours process. “It looked easy on Pinterest.” Have a good work crew ready to go early in the morning if this is your plan. Be sure to bring towels to wipe off seats, if needed.

Have a back up site

Rain seems to be especially difficult to predict here. A light mist is tolerable, but our summer storms can bring lots of rain, wind and big surf. Always have a backup plan.

Do you have any recommendations for couples planning a beach wedding?
The beach is a beautiful, romantic place to get hitched. Just plan for the contingencies and have a wonderful wedding day!

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