Planning Tips & Ideas

Married on a frozen Lake Superior – now that is a winter wedding! Every year the channel separating Bayfield and Madeline Island freezes over, becoming thick enough to drive back and forth on. Locals plow and sand the route, creating a way to get back and forth.

Do you have a love for the water, especially Lake Superior? Does a small, intimate ceremony sound perfect to you? Are you looking for a very unique wedding and experience for you and your guests?

Wedding planning is underway- that is great! Now you’re discussing what to do for your bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you’re looking for unique ideas, outdoor adventures or just a really fun weekend look no further! 

Here in Bayfield, Wisconsin we don’t hibernate inside all winter waiting for summer to come. We embrace the beautiful snow, cold, ice caves and the many outdoor activities and sports. Mollie + Isaac did not disappoint with their outdoor January wedding.

Bayfield, the Apostle Islands and Lake Superior have an incredible amount of magic and charm to them. Many of the couples getting married in the area feel this and are drawn to spend their special day here!

You’ve discovered (or heard of) the allure of a Bayfield vacation – so why not elope in Bayfield? Big weddings are not for everyone! And this charming little town on Lake Superior provides the perfect destination for an intimate elopement. If a little ceremony on the beach or in the…

Applying for your marriage license can seem like a complicated and scary process. But we’ve got some great news for you – it really isn’t!