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The community blast goes out to all members and the community, a total of about 2,500 emails. It is sent weekly on Thursdays and contains pertinent local business and community information and news such as grand openings, hot deals, new business items or services, fundraisers, etc. The deadline for inclusion in the Community Blast is Wednesday at NOON.

Email Blast Policy:

Members must submit email messages in electronic format no longer than 500 characters and at least 24 hours in advance to make sure it is sent in a timely manner. Each submission must contain a subject, a location, a date and time, a description and a picture to be considered for inclusion in the blast. Only paid members of the Bayfield Chamber and Visitor Bureau will be included in the blast. 

The Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau reserves the right to reject or edit messages and to limit announcements to a total of three blasts (new or reminders) per month per business.

Please do not use all caps and make sure all links work before submitting.

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