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By being a member of the Bayfield Chamber and Visitor Bureau, you are investing in building a community and a hometown that values its roots and progress in the planning of our future. We value the commitment of businesses that have been here for multiple generations, and we admire the entrepreneurial spirit in our small business owners and all who share a can-do attitude.

Over the last year, we have worked hard to promote Bayfield and the Apostle Islands through the largest investment in digital advertising this chamber has ever done through targeted display ads across Google, YouTube, and social media while also working on updates to our website. We are set to continue this momentum into 2024. We also continue to invest in printed materials like the Berry Farm and Orchard Guide, our annual Travel Guide and Art Escape materials. We also offer training sessions for members to help you leverage your business listings on our website and are continuously seeking grants to make our marketing dollars go further.

As part of your membership, please remember to sign up for our weekly community email blast. The database has grown, as has our number of Facebook fans who have chosen to keep abreast of activities and news occurring within the Bayfield area.

Please take the time to review the membership brochure (PDF) so you can see all the benefits the Bayfield Chamber and Visitor Bureau has to offer to our members. We also welcome any feedback, and if our members think we should be doing something we are not, we ask them to let us know so we can consider how we might incorporate their ideas as well. This is a member-driven organization, and the staff and board are ready to serve our members the very best we can.

We look forward to serving you. 

Carol Fahrenkrog, Executive Director

Call us for more information at (715) 779-3335 or email

2024 Community Enrichment Grant

Applications are now available for all Bayfield Chamber Members!

The Bayfield Chamber and Visitor Bureau is excited to launch a new Community Enrichment Grant for our members, available May 1 – December 1, 2024. The purpose of this grant is to encourage members to create community-driven events that will enhance the Bayfield experience.  The Bayfield Chamber recognizes the value of community events and their role in bringing residents, visitors, and business owners together to build a vibrant and resilient community. Grant funds that were previously allocated for a high school scholarship fund are being redirected to this Community Enrichment Grant.

Special consideration will be given to those who partner with other Bayfield chamber members. Collaborative partnerships among members will enhance value for the community, visitors, and businesses.

Applicants will receive funding for the development and/or execution of the event. Grant dollars can be requested up to $500.00 per event.

Grant funds will be given to the Bayfield Chamber Member upon completion of the event project, event report, and expense documentation.

Only Bayfield Chamber Members are eligible to apply.

Grant Opens: May 1, 2024

Grant Closes: December 1, 2024, or sooner if funds have been awarded.

Funding Notification: up to 2 weeks upon receiving a completed application.

All questions can be directed to:

Carol Fahrenkrog

Executive Director