About Us

The Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau serves approximately 300 members and values and promotes the special allure of Bayfield with regard to its social, cultural, environmental and architectural history.

The Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau, actively working with the local governments, non-profit agencies, and educational entities, strives to maintain a vibrant and sustainable business community and to ensure the preservation of our unique heritage and natural environment. Bayfield is a harmonious mix of tourism, thriving small businesses and engaged, diverse residents. We continue to develop strategies as a welcoming and green community in which to live and work.

The Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau directs and promotes successful events and activities, has a large membership and offers supportive services to our members. We continue to be a driving force in helping businesses succeed.

Mission Statement:

Promote Greater Bayfield - for visitors, businesses and our communities.

Vision Statement:

A vibrant year-round Lake Superior Experience. 

Core Values:


We strive to create a culture of trust, inclusiveness, and mutual respect that empowers each person to thrive.

We honor the unique perspectives and experiences of every individual, fostering an environment where Lake Superior and its resources are respected and protected.


We approach challenges with optimism and solution-oriented thinking, believing in our ability to make a meaningful impact.

We celebrate the achievements and successes of our community, using them as inspiration for continued progress.

We nurture an environment that fosters hope, resilience, and a shared sense of purpose.


We value and actively seek the inclusion of all - honoring diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 

We believe that our community is richer when we all work together.