Getting to Madeline

The most common way to get to Madeline Island is to take the Madeline Island Ferry. In the summer months, the ferry leaves every 30 minutes during the day and the 2.5 mile trip takes about 25 minutes one way. Passengers can walk, take a bike or drive their vehicles aboard for a visit to Madeline Island. The Madeline Island Ferry terminal is located at the base of Washington Avenue and tickets must be purchased at that location. Reservations are not accepted beforehand. Oversized vehicles can be accommodated.

The ferry runs from the time the ice breaks up in the springtime until the ice forms again and is too thick to break, usually in mid-winter.  In winter, when the ice is too thick for the ferry to run, visitors can use the Ice Road to get to Madeline Island. The Ice Road follows a route similar to that of the ferry, but travelers drive their own vehicle over the frozen Lake Superior.

Visitors can also hire a private charter to travel to Madeline Island. Both sailboat and powerboat options are available, many of which operate from the Bayfield City Dock.

For those who have their own boat, limited public docking is available at the Madeline Island Yacht Club, the Inn on Madeline Island and the Beach Club.