Shop Bayfield’s galleries or retail shops along historic Rittenhouse Avenue. You can still find a candy store where handmade chocolates, pastries and other treats take form before your eyes. 

Watch as local artists create their wares at their studio and galleries. Ask them a question and they will be happy to share their technique with you!  Every shop in Bayfield offers a unique experience featuring locally sourced products. 

The Chicago Tribune ranked Bayfield as the “Best Little Town in the Midwest” possibly because you won’t find a single fast-food restaurant or national chain, or even a stoplight.  Come often, stay long.

Not only does Bayfield have a number of wonderful local artisans but also growers offering a variety of fresh seasonal produce. You can go straight to the farm to pick-up your Bayfield grown goods, or find them at farmers markets or co-ops in the area.