We know how it goes...you were so excited about your trip to Bayfield and the Apostle Islands that you packed up the car, kids, and dog (maybe even a relative or two), you drive or fly all the way here and realize...you forgot something! Or worse, your luggage got lost in transit.

Don't worry, you are sure to find what you need at one of the many area shops.

One great thing about Bayfield is that there are no big box stores. Only locally owned shops, so you know your dollars support the local community. 



As the saying goes, "the lake is boss" meaning you never know what Lake Superior might dish out when you arrive, making the weather a little unpredictable. Find anything from sweatshirts to teeshirts to pants and shorts at several stores in downtown Bayfield. Stop into Joanne's ScandinavianKeeper of the Light, UpNorth, Howl Downtown, Trek&Trail, Sweet Sailing, the Brownstone Centre or even Bayfield's thrift store, Encore Resale Store. If you need something repaired in a stitch, head to AdvenureUs in Washburn. The staff can repair clothing and outdoor gear. If you are in Cornucopia, Ehlers General Store, The Sailor and the Farmer Shop also have apparel. 


You want to be comfortable during all of your adventures on your visit to the Apostle Islands. You can find all sorts of styles of sandals at the Brownstone Centre that will support you on your hike, or trip to the beach. Both Howl Adventure Center and Howl Downtown have a variety of footwear fit for any adventure!

Swimsuit and Towel

A swimsuit is an easy item to forget.  Stop by Shelli's in downtown Bayfield for a variety of women's swim and beach wear. If you are looking for towels, head to Keeper of the Light, the Brownstone Centre, or Howl Downtown for light-pack towels. 


The Brownstone RX in Washburn has all of your pharmacy needs, including prescription medications, over-the-counter pills, and your everyday toiletries. The Brownstone Centre has undergarments if needed in a pinch. Washburn's grocery store, Hanson's IGA also has a collection of everyday needs. 

Outdoor and Camping Gear

Bug spray, sunscreen, and any camping needs can be found at Trek & Trail, Keeper of the Light and at both Howl stores: Howl Downtown and Howl Adventure Center. Did you bring your bike? It's Howl Adventure Center is a full bike shop where friendly staff can help you with repairs or even rent a bike for the day. You can also rent bikes at Trek & Trail.