Visitors coming to Bayfield through Washburn this summer will be taken on a scenic detour through Washburn as Highway 13 gets a much-needed facelift. If you are traveling through Washburn, please be aware of the detour and pay attention to the signage so you don't miss your favorite Washburn businesses. 

For the latest information on the Highway 13 detour, please visit the Washburn Chamber of Commerce Road Construction Page

Main Route

The detour starts at Highway 13 and Bigelow Street for drivers coming from Ashland. You will turn right onto Bigelow Street and follow the signs. The end of the route is on the corner of Bayfield Street (Hwy 13) and 1st Avenue West.

For drives going south on Highway 13 from Bayfield, turn left onto 1st Avenue West in Washburn and follow the signs. The map below shows you the full detour for this phase of the project. 

Washburn Construction_Detour

Accessing Business on Washington Avenue

The work on Washington Avenue just south of Bayfield Street is moving forward. See the image below for how to access Hansen's IGA and the other businesses near Washington Avenue or see the Washburn Chamber's Facebook post. The martini bar opened its parking lot to those trying to access nearby businesses, including Sweet Fern Apothecary.

Washburn Construction_Washington Ave

Motorists can cross Bayfield Street (Hwy 13) using the following Cross Streets: 11th Avenue West, 9th Avenue West, 8th Avenue West, 4th Avenue West & 2nd Avenue West. Open status is subject to change at anytime.


Parking Information 

People can park and drive on Bayfield Street between 1st Avenue West & 2nd Avenue West. This is for business traffic only. If you are not visiting a business on that street, please stay on the detour. DO NOT make a U-Turn on Bayfield Street at any time, especially on this block. If you are on Bayfield Street between 1st & 2nd Avenue West and are headed towards Ashland, you must turn right onto 2nd Avenue West between the Cozy Corner Guitar and the gas station to get onto Washington Avenue or left to get onto Omaha Street and the detour.

No parking is allowed along the detour route and parking on the avenues is discouraged. 

Parking for Bayfield Street businesses is available on Omaha Street from 11th Avenue West to 3rd Avenue West.


Bayfield and Washburn Art Galleries Collaborate During Highway 13 Road Construction   

Visitors will be able to see Ghost Ship Gallery art in Bayfield starting in April inside Bell Street Collective's new space at 107 Manypenny Avenue (at the corner of Manypenny Avenue and First Street). 

“We’re excited to try a unique partnership between two businesses that would traditionally be seen as competitors,” said Kayla Picciano, owner of Bell Street Collective “We’ve found people who love art not only visit multiple galleries but also buy from multiple galleries. The more we can support each other and differentiate what we offer, the better experience we create for art lovers in the area and the more fun we all have together.”

As Bell Street’s “gallery in residence,” Ghost Ship will curate a unique space called The Green Room to sell their artists’ work and encourage Bayfield visitors to check out the main gallery in Washburn.

“We’re always excited to try things and see what happens,” said Brianna Bailey, co-owner of Ghost Ship Gallery. “This is a big help to Ghost Ship, keeping us afloat and continuing our momentum during a hard season. After we get through road construction, we’ll be looking for a new way to return the favor or pay it forward.”