Reservatons Assistant

Administrative, Support & Clerical

Seasonal – Full & Part time

These are our front line professionals! Responsible for all day to day tasks in and around the shop, from being helpful on the phone and answering emails, taking reservation payments, talking up the gear in retail sales, doing inventory, scheduling guides, searching out new clients, and delegating tasks to logistical staff in everything from washing vehicles to fixing a kayak.


Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • On time and able to work various hours.

  • Good communication skills on the phone and in person. Confident.

  • Professional/neat appearance.

  • Sense of humor

  • Friendly people-centered attitude. Outgoing.

  • Willing to spend the time with clients to make it the best experience possible. Customer-first attitude.

  • Confident problem-solving attitude

  • Own transportation to and from work

  • Other desired skills: Cash register, computer literate, hands-on handy.Timely and able to work early and late hours.


Compensation & Benefits

We have a five-tiered system, with experience, ability, commitment, and knowledge of our business bringing commensurate increases in compensation. Substantial increases are given to staff returning for following seasons, and for previous experience. Staff get free personal use of equipment, paid training (via a bonus upon completion of contract) and access to our employee equipment purchase program offering up to 50% off retail prices on boats and other gear.


Position dates

The Friday before Memorial Day weekend (training for Memorial Day weekend) through Labor Day with part-time work potential during shoulder seasons. Some flexibility in work start and end dates is possible.


To Apply

Complete our application. Positions open until filled. Our goal is to have all positions filled by March 1st, though some years we are full by February, so apply early!